Me and This Page

Dear readers,

This is a webpage of Kania Prita Anggriany Subiyakto-Swadiansa. “Space” where I can share my stories, my thoughts, my experiences, ideas, etc. Here you can also read some of my articles published in ITB (Institute of Technology, Bandung) official website. I’ve already managed this page since 7 years ago, though had a quite long pause.

As an architecture graduates and fulltime wife of a super talented architect, I have an interest in architecture and design world. Currently obsessed with baking, in order to served good and healthy meals for my little family.

I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school. For me, it’s a media where you can express your thoughts and feelings. At the end of the day, my old writings become precious notes of events and moments I’ve been through.


11 Responses to Me and This Page

  1. gedubraxxx says:

    nice blog yes….^__^

  2. febriantara says:

    hai kania, salam kenal. masih di India?

  3. Kania says:

    sudah pulang sekarang.. makasih ya udah main2 ke blog saya ^_^

  4. bieun says:

    hai mbak 🙂
    main main lagi ya ke solo hehehe

  5. alps says:

    ijin ngelink 😀

  6. masukitb says:

    Halo Kania,Tulisan Anda bagus sekali. Mahasiswa ITB juga kan ? Wah 🙂

    Jika berkenan meluangkan waktu dan pengalamannya, mohon bisa dibagi di web user generated

    masukitb adalah tampilan kehidupan Kampus Ganesha ITB, wadah bertanya, berdiskusi, dan berinteraksi, antara para mahasiswa atau alumni ITB, dengan para pelajar yang berminat menjadi bagian dari komunitas ITB.

    Kami berharap, Anda mau berbagi dengan pelajar dari seluruh Indonesia, yang berminat masuk ITB.

    Terima kasih 🙂

  7. adelps says:’s the life bu? seems like you’re busy there eh? 😉

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